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General Criminal Defense

No field of law is more personal and human than Criminal Defense. No field of law puts more at stake. At the Law Offices of Ian Wallach, we are dedicated to ensuring that every pathway has been taken to deter or minimize consequences that can arise from a criminal action.

Ian Wallach has practiced criminal law in New York and California and federal courts across the nation. Combining his compassionate nature with years of experience as a corporate litigator, Deputy Public Defender for the County of Los Angeles, and private practitioner with Feldman & Wallach, Mr. Wallach competently and compassionately protects his clients caught in the criminal justice system.

Every criminal case should be approached on its own merits and examined for defenses, problems of proof, and mitigating circumstances. We work closely with our clients to identify their goals and concerns. Working together, we give our clients their best chance at a nonrestrictive or least restrictive result. We have the dedication and, if need be, trial skills to achieve the best result possible. Although each case is different, every case is initially prepped as though we are going to trial. Trial is where power is taken from the prosecutor and court and vested into the hands of people. With a stellar trial track record, Mr. Wallach is both confident before a Jury (or Judge) and eager, should the client choose, to use the possibility of another trial success as a means to obtain the least restrictive resolution.

Ian Wallach has handled thousands of criminal defense cases in state and federal courts throughout the nation, ranging from misdemeanor offenses to murders. His clients have included those accused in High-Profile media cases (such as the alleged extortion of Stevie Wonder) and those who needed their their contact with the law be removed from public view (and it was).  He has a steadfast reputation as a zealous and effective trial attorney and is known to be a warrior for his client.   He spent five years honing his trial skills as a Deputy Public Defender for the County of Los Angeles and earned his reputation for being a zealous and creative trial attorney.  He has tried over fifty cases in the recent past and prepares each case as though it will go to trial, generating the most effective potential to resolve the case prior to trial or succeed at trial.  To read about his recent successes, click here.  To make an appointment with Ian Wallach, contact us now by clicking here.

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