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Civil Rights and Injuries


    With great power comes great responsibility.  And those who suffer because of the abuse of such power are entitled to just compensation.  If you or a loved one has been injured, the Law Offices of Ian Wallach can get you the compensation that you are entitled to. We have successfully sued major corporations and the United States of America, and understand how to maximize your claim.  We are not intimidated by large corporate firms – we find a good challenge exciting, and seeing our clients pleased is the ultimate reward. 

    If you have been injured, or been abused at the hands of a law enforcement officer, or injured by the act of another, please let us hear your story and evaluate your claim.  Ian Wallach has litigated Section 1983 claims and Federal Tort Claims Act cases in federal courts across the nation and civil rights claims in New York and California.  Mr. Wallach exclusively practices criminal defense and civil rights.  With his steadfast commitment to his client's satisfaction, he will investigate your case and develop a creative, competent, and compelling narrative that will help maximize the monetary value of your claim. 

    To read about some recent successes, click here.  To discuss your needs with us, provide your contact information here. To read about the first win against the USA arising out of infections of Valley Fever, click here, and to read about the disposition of that case, click here.

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