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Sex Offenses

Nothing can be more frightening or embarrassing then being charged with a sex-related offense, or caring for one who is.  Few people are aware that there are many reasons that accusers may be unreliable -- ranging from false claims based on "confirmation bias" (a theory that one convinces themselves that something occurred in order to justify actions) to desires for benefits in immigration or custody disputes. We have handled cases alleging molestation, non-consensual intercourse, possession of prohibited materials, improper public conduct, and other issues that fall under the heading of sex-related offenses.  At the Law Office of Ian Wallach, we can provide a detailed analysis of the range of potential outcomes, pursue alternatives to sentencing, and, take the matter through trial should the client decide to.  We have handled many sex-related cases with outstanding outcomes, and have done so by respecting everyone involved in the process, including, and especially, the client. 

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