Attorney Ian Wallach is a compassionate lawyer who leverages his creativity and intelligence to build effective strategies for the people he helps. He has handled thousands of criminal cases, and in each one, he ensured that his clients understood the process and their legal options. Below are a few of the positive reviews he has received from past clients.

If you need skilled representation for your case, call him at (213) 375-0000 or fill out an online contact form today.

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  • Mr. Wallach is your best choice.

    When I encountered legal battles during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was very scared as I had never gone through a legal process with a lawyer or faced charges before, so Ian Wallach was a great asset in my court. He helped me through the entire process including the emotional aspects – he really cares about his clients and their well-being and was sympathetic to the financial challenges of 2020. He was able to work with my budget for the services I needed.

    Thanks to his experience and knowledge of the complexities of the legal system, he was able to get my case dismissed and all charges dropped. Even though my case was relatively small in comparison to his usual cases, Mr. Wallach made time for it and treated me just like any other client. With Mr. Wallach, you can know you’re in the best hands for your case to get the results you deserve! If you’re looking for a lawyer with a proven track record who’s professional, polished, and caring, Mr. Wallach is your best choice.

    - Melissa

  • Innovative and smart.
    We meet with Ian after our son was arrested. He was lovely to talk to and had some unique and innovative approaches that none of the 5 other lawyers we spoke to brought up. Unfortunately his rate was a bit higher than we could handle, but we wouldn't hesitate recommending him.

    - Former Client

  • Sharp and amazing.
    Ian is an excellently lawyer. He arranged to have me bailed out and represented me after the incident. He provided sage advice and is a genuinely good person. I would absolutely retain Ian in future he’s a gem and brilliant. Thank you Ian for being you.

    - Former Client

  • Best attorney in L.A.
    He is very aggressive and effective in his quest to help us when we needed him to handle a couple legal matters/Lawsuits. He cuts to the chase and gets the job done. No Nonsense! We have had success twice with Ian and received the results that we desired. Highly recommend him and his team.

    - David

  • Better outcome than I could have hoped for.

    I don't really have enough superlatives to review Ian Wallach.

    On the one hand, he is exactly what you would hope for in a criminal defense attorney; sharp, knowledgeable and willing and capable of doing exactly what's required to minimize your exposure.

    On the other hand, Ian is friendly, amiable, and not prone to scolding you for your mistakes or rehashing the incident beyond what's needed to really work your case.

    Like many people, I did something greedy and stupid and got caught. I was referred to Ian and after meeting with him, felt comfortable. I told him the truth, laid out the facts, and we made a plan. When I was finally arrested and indicted, Ian and his bondsman were standing by to get me out.

    The exposure on my case was a potential 8 years in jail on five felony counts. Following Ian's advice, I ended up pleading to one count, getting the other four dropped, and owing 30 days community labor. After 18 months of formal probation, my felony will be converted to a misdemeanor.

    You really can't ask for better than that.

    - Richard

  • Start with Ian for criminal defense help.
    Ian was recommended to me by a trusted lawyer friend, as an expert in criminal defense. I called him, and he literally called me back within 5 minutes. From the first call, he was calm, precise, reassuring, and he walked us through exactly what we needed to do to stack the odds in my son's favor. In under 2 weeks, he had navigated us through the process, and partly as a result of actions we took at Ian's direction, the DA declined to file charges. If the scale went to 10 Stars, I'd still give Ian 11.

    - Former Client

  • Exceptional attorney!
    My first encounter with Ian after the initial consultation was a huge relief & really had my mind at ease. I find Ian to be particularly unique & distinctive from the rest in a way described as a bit humorous w/positive outlook on growing clients self-esteem, but at the same time very nonchalant & optimistic to swiftly take on any case with his years of experience. I've praised the exceptional results I've gotten thru Ian & wouldn't hesitate to refer a client in legal bind his way. Ian is simply put - just awesome!

    - Former Client

  • Ian Wallach can handle it.
    Ian helped me with a dui charge, and was able to get the charges reduced towards a very favorable outcome. Ian is incredibly knowledgeable about the Los Angeles court system and an intelligent, hard worker. A quick glance at his previous achievements put me at ease, and he handled my case with as much care as any other. Ian is a spectacular attorney and you will be happy to have him in your corner.

    - Former Client

    I flew into LA nervous about my suspended license, I met Mr. Wallach in the lobby and he calmed my nerves and got my case dropped. I can't thank you enough!

    - Jessie

  • Passionate and caring.

    I met with Ian for my case. He was recommended by a fellow, very well respected attorney. Ian was non judgmental, caring and attentive. He called me back right away and set up a meeting with me. He is very straightforward and will not make false promises. I believe he is an excellent attorney who will not disappoint you.

    - Former Client

  • Compassionate, knowledgeable lawyer.
    Ian is a compassionate attorney who takes the time to understand client’s position. I had previously visited a number of attorneys before him, and was told there was no hope to help my case. A friend recommended me to Ian, and I was able to find hope again. Ian consulted me and gave me time to make a decision whether to retain him, as he understands it was an important decision to make. I really appreciate his kind considerations. I received his help and my case was dismissed. The dark cloud that had been hovering over my head finally gone away. I am so grateful to have found Ian. He is a great lawyer whom you can trust. I am really grateful for the second chance that I am given. Having a lawyer who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and compassionate is important, and I am grateful that I got to meet Ian. Thank you.

    - H.W.