Wallach on Law. Gun Legislation & Officer Training, With California Assembly Member Das Williams, and Gun Rights Activist Sheriff Richard Mack (“Sheriff Mack”)

Gun regulation is potentially the most partisan and divisive issue in the U.S.  Some believe that any form of gun regulation in unlawful.  Others don’t believe the Second Amendment provides a right to possess a gun free from regulation.  And others are more concerned with the present – determining that, in the wake of multiple tragedies – the need to better regulate gun access is essential.  This week, Sheriff Mack joins us to explain why he believes gun regulations are illegal, and that our focus should be ending the drug war and improving officer training.  And in the wake of the Isla Vista tragedy, Cal. Assembly Person Das Williams has co-authored a bill that provides a mechanism to keep those who may be unstable temporarily away from weaponry.  He joins us (from the Assembly floor) to discuss his bill as it moves through the California Legislature.