Wallach on Law Featuring Jane Velez Mitchell and Dale Baich – Life and/or Death in Arizona – the Jody Arias Trial and the Process of Lethal Injection

Wallach on Law Featuring Jane Velez Mitchell and Dale Baich – Life and/or Death in Arizona – the Jody Arias Trial and the Process of Lethal Injection. Ian Wallach welcomes Jane Velez Mitchell, the host of the Jane Velez Mitchell show airing daily on HLN. She is a frequent contributor to CNN, an award-winning journalist, and author of the New York Times bestseller, “Exposed, The Secret Life of Jody Arias.” And to better understand the implementation of the death penalty in Arizona, we welcome Dale Baich, a Capital Habeas Attorney with the Federal Public Defender’s office in Arizona. Mr. Baich represented Joseph Wood, and witnessed what is considered the fourth botched execution of 2014. He will explain the legal and chemical processes of taking a life, and the risks that the current state of lethal injection poses to the convict, the witnesses, and the society in whose name a life is taken.

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